Have your cake and eat it too! – Armageddon Cake

Who: Armageddon Cake

Where: 7 McLarty Place Geelong

When: Thur –Sat 8pm to 11pm

Since Oh! Hello Geelong began blogging way back in January there is one particular place that locals have been constantly recommending to us and now we totally understand why. The place we’re referring to is a wonderful little guilty pleasure, which is open only after dark from Thursday to Saturday and goes by the kooky moniker Armageddon Cake! We really can’t believe it’s taken us until now to experience this little night time indulgence…that’s nine months worth of missed cake eating opportunities!

Warm, cosy, chilled…love! 

Whilst some may say Armageddon Cake is a tad hard to find, there’s a cutesy pastel blue bike complete with twinkly lights at the entrance of McLarty Place to help guide you to the front door. Armageddon’s interior style is a little bit nanna’s living room, a little bit inner city Melbourne share house and a little bit graffitied lane way  – with an overall vibe that is warm, cosy and very chilled. We totally loved poking around the little nooks and pointing out the random mix of kitsch treasures dotted around the place, especially the old radios, layers of stencil art and paste ups on the walls, menus made out of Scrabble letters, vintage birdcages, the massive photo enlarger machine, pretty + nana-ish lamps and little vases of fake flowers adorning the tables. Oh, and we thought the smooth jazzy tunes humming from the vinyl record player was THE perfect touch.

Sweet goodness…

The menu is simple; a list of the most delicious tasting desserts ever and a list of sweet sides to give your dessert that extra umph…the hard part really is choosing what to eat. After lengthy deliberations Oh! Hello Geelong went with the red velvet cake from Sweet Indulgence with a divine chocolate ganache from the talented girls at Gobble and the raspberry brownie (also from Gobble) topped with a chunky raspberry coulis and cream made on the premises. Oh! Hello Geelong also had a few bites of the evil brownie from Cocoa Tree that was drizzled with a heavenly butterscotch sauce…so so YUM! But not only did our sweet treats taste oh so glorious, the presentation was a foodie’s dream. Our mouths are watering as we write this. Oh! And coffee beans supplied by none other than our fav local roasters Cartel.

Dates, catch ups, celebrations…

For Oh! Hello Geelong, we’re pretty confident that we’ve found the perfect place in G-town for all those things we love to do when the sun goes down. Whether it’s a date, a fun catch up with friends, or time to celebrate with those we love, Armageddon Cake’s four walls of casual cosiness and its decadent menu really takes the cake. Thanks to Sarah and the boys and girls at Armageddon Cake for treating us (and our respective sweet tooths) to a lovely Thursday night out, our apologies for not making your acquaintance sooner!

Love Penny + Laura

The Mill Markets (North Geelong)

The Mill Markets (North Geelong)

Where: 3 Mackey Street, North Geelong

When: 7 days a week 10am – 6pm

Web: www.millmarkets.com.au

We recently enjoyed yet another visit to The Mill Markets’ North Geelong site. And as always, Oh! Hello Geelong came down with a severe case of feverish excitement & hyperventilation. For many folks in Geelong, The Mill Markets have become somewhat of an institution, an amazing drawcard for this old town & the perfect way to entice our super savvy vintage shopping Melbournite friends to visit us here in our adopted home town. And for those who are yet to venture to this vintage recycled industrial furniture and objects melting pot, be prepared to be completely overwhelmed, the scale of the North Geelong site is nothing short of epic.

A G-Town institution…

Since its birth in 1985, The Mill Markets has grown from one lone site in Geelong West to a business that is located in Newcomb, the Geelong Waterfront, North Geelong, Ballarat, Warnambool and Daylesford. Each site houses a seriously massive and fabulous range of unique collectables, antiques and vintage clothing which is put together by individual stall holders who have an eagle eye for discovering fabulous treasures from the past.

North Side: the best of the best…

For Oh! Hello Geelong, whilst we love all The Mill Markets sites, we have a pretty big soft spot for the North Geelong site. Sadly we didn’t catch The Mill Markets’ man himself Ian Ballis however we were greeted by the friendly vintage enthusiast Nathan who allowed us to explore, snap pictures and adore to our hearts’ content.

What makes the North Geelong site even more special and fun to visit is the recent opening of a second store right next door to the original building! The new space follows the traditional Mill Markets concept; a multiple range of individual stalls offering an eclectic range of vintage clothing, antiques and collectables, including a very awesome juke box! The old space offers an immense range of industrial furniture + machinery and quirky vintage collectables, all from Ian’s own collection.

Here is a short list of the goods we thought were pretty fantastic:

Antique ladders, pigeonholes / cube shelving, massive work benches, trestle tables and display cabinets, old school desks, big wooden and plastic alphabet letters, wooden crates, glass jars, kitschy kitchen goods, suitcases, industrial pendant lights, vintage gig posters and art by David Bromley (which is scattered everywhere throughout both buildings).

Also there are loads of Mantiques (man + antiques): an old traffic light, rope ladders, golf clubs and tennis racquets, tool boxes & printing machines.

Industrial collectables: an endless number of vintage tin signage, industrial washing machine and ironing board, an old weaving contraption and theatre lights.

One-offs: an old church alter (we’re not lying), a pianola and a hot air balloon basket!

The Mill Markets are something really special (the people from The Block definitely think so) and we are proud as punch that we can tell everyone that it all started in our new hometown! And pretty chuffed that we can visit them any time we like too – hooray!

Love Penny + Laura

Yay! Our first ever post! A visit to the Design Doctor!

There is something really special about Merita Mannings and her store and you know this the minute you step inside the door of Design Doctor. You know that feeling you get when you visit your granny on a Sunday afternoon or when you think back to summer holidays from your childhood? Those memories leave you feeling warm, cosy and beautiful inside. Well, Design Doctor conjures up the same feelings and it’s all thanks to the creative foresight and passion of owner Merita.  Nestled in the heart of Herne Hill, Design Doctor is a treasure chest of goodness and so much more.

Merita describes her vision as “a vintage reference” and values “getting back to the simple things in life”. She hopes that her store will take people of all ages on a trip down memory lane and wishes to inspire people creatively. With her skills and knowledge of interior design, her knowledge of trends, retail experience and her love for what she does, Merita achieves all this and more!

Design Doctor is about to celebrate its 1st Birthday and indeed there’s lots to celebrate! The shop oozes loveliness, with gorgeous jewellery, interior decorations, homewares, soft furnishings and toys displayed throughout, it’s seriously hard to pick where in the shop to look first! Merita stocks a variety of local and national designs including; bonnie and neil, Seedling, Cheeky Little Soles, Mae Stickers, Me & Frankie, Eighty Days pillows, Radish & Ruth and Have You Met Miss Jones (to name just a few). She also stocks Monster Threads exclusively and has a bright palette of their T-Shirts in store.

Merita’s favourite items in the store include her cute variety of mushroom jewellery and designs, everything with polka dots, her removable decorative stickers and designs with inspirational sayings. Merita also loves products with interesting textures, which we love too! Merita is really looking forward to the arrival of her new season stock, which includes cushions and fabulous knitted products (locally designed here in Geelong) including jewellery, dolls and tea cosies. Merita is also excited about the arrival of her new range of homewares and whimsical jewellery. So much cuteness to come!

Oh, and if you have little cherubs in tow when you visit the Design Doctor store, Merita has created a special play area just for them! This is just another example of the care and thoughtfulness that has gone into this cosy little shop in our new hometown!

And so you don’t think it’s just Oh! Hello Geelong who love Design Doctor, two lovely Herne Hill-ites popped in to say hello and told Merita “it’s lovely to have a shop like this in our local area!” Go Merita!

Design Doctor, 8/5 Minerva Road, Herne Hill, Geelong – Ph: 5272 1113

Love Penny + Laura