Guest Foodie Review #1 // There There – Eating Room + Bar

Who: There There – Eating Room and Bar

Address: 8 Malop Street Geelong



Geelong and its environs is fast gaining a reputation as a food lover’s paradise! With its coffee revolution in full swing, an ever-growing café scene, award winning wineries and restaurants that are bringing our Melbourne neighbours down the highway, it’s little wonder this small part of the world is making such big headlines across the state!

Oh! Hello Geelong, with our healthy appetite for good food and drink, thought it time to start road-testing and showcasing some of the special places that are really whetting people’s appetite! The problem for us however, is that sometimes we find it hard to tell the difference between a fig and a pear, a shiraz and a pinot noir…and what do they actually mean when a chip is thrice cooked?

So, to help us with our foodie adventures we’ve recruited one of our good friends, Anna Spurling of La Madre Bakery, to help us make sense of it all and navigate our way through some of the town and region’s best food and drink – so much fun! To kick things off, Anna has recently taken some time out from the bakery and enjoyed a delicious dinner in one of our favourite G-town restaurants and watering holes, There There! Bon Appetite!  


If you haven’t been here here then you are missing out out.

There There Eating Room & Bar is hip, happening and very cool but without the pretension. Housed in an old bank it comes replete with extremely high ceilings and red arched doorways.  Pastel canvases adorn the walls in this light, bright and noisy space and an imposing Stag head in a nod to quirky sits underneath the expansive bar that travels along an entire wall.

On the bar, next to the La Marzocco, syphon, a skull and some apothecary bottles are cookbooks by a culinary elite.  Think Heston Blumenthal, Thomas Kellery and David Chang., which goes a long way to explain the ambition of the gorgeous food.  A gramophone is plonked up one end of the dark paneled bar with metal stools and screw up seats.  Coffee Cartel and Bonsoy indicate that for the serious coffee drinker, you will be well looked after.

The cellar is housed behind a black door with a red frame like an Alice route to wine Wonderland. We supped on Dal Zotto Arneis that was scarily drinkable despite there being so much else on the drinks list that tickled our fancy.  Take for instance the craft beer menu with some intriguing bottles including a 750ml Sorachi Ace Saison for a cool $30 or the Bridge Rd Aurora for $25.  The cocktails took our attention with a Southside hitting the table – a gorgeously simple combination of Westwinds Gin, Lime and Mint – alongside a Strawberry Caprioska with the deadly 666 Vodka (get it?) and Lime. There were also many Espresso Martinis making their way to tables.


There There’s menu is a graphic display of artwork which lends itself to shared plates. You can of course try for a traditional a la carte style with more substantial mains but in a bustling place like this the whole shared thang works so well. We turned up in the middle of one of those heat waves we’ve been experiencing this summer and there was only one way to describe my mood. Hangry. Yes, hungry and angry! But a few minutes inside the cool interior of There There all was right with the world again.

Our group of four decided on several, read many, plates including the spiked snapper ceviche (highly recommend); pulled pork lettuce cups (most excellent); calamari, chorizo + paprika (who doesn’t love this combination); Lonsdale tomato, buffalo mozzarella + basil (ultimate summer salad); avocado, pink grapefruit+ fennel (in a cute glass dish with a lid); There There chips that are triple cooked with gravy in a science beaker and brie (these must be the most popular item on the menu and perfect fodder for one of those craft beers); oysters (of course) and Drysdale haloumi + lemon (because we love cheese). Everything was great! So great in fact that we went back for more of those triple cooked chips and snapper ceviche.

After dinner we just sat, chatted and people watched all the while enjoying the respite from the heat outside. Lo and behold, the Oh Hello Geelong gals graced us with their presence at the bar with margaritas in hand but we always knew they had good taste. And because you can’t review any food place without eating nearly the entire menu, we took on a giant salted caramel macaron and the vanilla panna cotta. Despite not really being a dessert person (yes, a food blogger and bakery co-owner, go figure), both of these were exactly the kind of sweet treat I would eat.  Salted caramel is my sugary Achilles heel. Once it was teamed with caramelised banana and peanut ice-cream I was weak at the knees.  Its presentation upon an oversized crystal cake stand shows that the There There team is proud of this creation too.

All in all, There There is a great experience.  Friendly service, lovely food, cool tunes and an interesting décor all make for a fun night. G-Towners should be proud to call this their local knowing that the bar is being raised in this town’s ever-changing culinary landscape. Embrace the quirky menu, sharing plates and noisy room for you’ll have great food and lo and behold, a whole lot of fun!

– Anna Spurling


Thanks SO much Anna!

Love Laura + Penny

Ps. Big thanks to the talented local lass,  Molly Cusack for supplying a few of the photographs! 

PPs. Sorry, we were so busy gobbling down our meals that we forgot to stop and take more photos!! 

Hello 2013! – And a little Love, Lyrics, Neon…

Love, Lyrics, Neon

A Collection of new artwork by Laura Blythman

Where: Kaleidoscope Gallery, Courthouse Arts (Cnr Gheringhap & Little Malop Streets Geelong)

When: Exhibition is open to visitors on Monday 7 January 2013 and closes on 23rd January 2013 (Yay, it’s been extended!)

Hours: 9am – 5pm weekdays  (the gallery cafe re-opens on the 14th)

Opening night: Friday 11 January 2013 from 7pm to 9pm (all welcome)


Happy 2013 Oh! Hello Geelong readers! 2012 was a pretty fantastic year wasn’t it? Over the course of 12 amazing months Oh! Hello Geelong met so many wonderful and talented artists, designers, creators and small business owners from our new (well, not so new anymore) hometown and was allowed to share all their wonderful stories with our growing readership (who we love immensely – thanks everyone for all your support)! In 2013, Oh! Hello Geelong will feature a new range of people, places and spaces that you will love, as well a offering readers a sneak peak inside some of G-town’s most fabulous and unique homes and a few local product reviews too. Yay!

To kick start the year we thought we would give you an inside look into a new exhibition by Oh! Hello Geelong’s very own Laura Blythman (the creative brain behind our fun little blog). Commencing Monday 7 January 2013 at the Courthouse Arts’ Kaleidoscope Gallery, “Love, Lyrics, Neon” is a world created by Laura where mountains are decorated with neon, lettering is hand-drawn, rays of sunshine are hand-stitched and feathered animals glitter and gleam! Laura’s inspiration for the exhibition comes from her long love affair with music, in particular music from The Smiths, Joy Division, Bowie and The Cure. Visitors will recognise the lyrics featured in many of the art pieces and will be able to interact with the music during the exhibition (I won’t give anything more away, you’ll just have pop in to find out how!).


What I (in case you weren’t sure it’s Penny here) love most about this exhibition is the level of detail and intricacy Laura has included in each piece, which she has done entirely by hand…super impressive! My particular loves are the three feathery friends and the fun wall hangings, which I know required hours of drawing, cutting, sewing, stitching, gluing and love. I also love that this exhibition showcases just how talented and smart Laura is and how she makes clever design and art accessible, fun and interactive. This exhibition will definitely add an extra ray of sunshine to everyone’s summertime and will leave you searching for neon pink lippy, a pair of glittery gold heels and the nearest dance floor!

We hope you enjoy the pics we have to share but if you can, you should pop down and see the real thing at the gallery and… if you should fall in love with any of the pieces, they are available for purchase (prints too!) Everyone needs a little bit of Love, Lyrics, and Neon in their home I think!


PS: Laura would love you to come along to opening night on Friday 11 January from 7pm to 9pm; there will be sweet treats, pops of pink and fun tunes to match!!  There is also an after party at There There (strictly between 9pm and 11pm) if you feel like continuing the fun times with us! Both Laura and I will be there on the night, we’d love to meet YOU xxx

PPS: There There is located at 8 Malop Street, Geelong – we will definitely be spending more time at this newly opened culinary gem in 2013!!!

Words by Penny & photos by Stephen Robb

Q&A with the multi-talented and totally gorgeous Izzy Losi!

Oh! Hello Geelong is very excited to share this Q&A with you! We first came across Izzy Losi way back in January when we were first scouring G-town for wonderful people and places to feature on our brand new blog (gosh how time flies!). Izzy just happened to be one of the MCs at Courthouse Arts during their short film festival and we were just blown away by her confidence, style and presence (and she wasn’t even singing and playing the piano that day!). Since then we have seen Izzy’s local profile grow and grow and with the arrival of her debut EP and an amazing show coming up on Sunday (she’ll be playing alongside Mia Dyson at Courthouse Arts) there’ll be no stopping this local lass! Thanks Izzy for taking the time to answers our Q&A!!! 

Izzy Losi Promo Pic

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and how you got to where you are now?

I’m a 21 year old sing/songwriter and pianist from Geelong. I’ve lived here all my life, and despite venturing to Melbourne for further study and new experiences, I always kept my grounding in Geelong. I’m glad I have my roots here because I’ve been able to network with some great organisations locally. One organisation I work closely with is Courthouse Arts in Geelong’s CBD, where I’m part of the Arts Advisory Panel, which is very exciting! I’m currently in the process of working with Courthouse Arts on New Years Revolution, which in 2013 will be solely focused on music. This is great for Geelong because I feel that the community was lacking such a festival. I am particularly excited about this even because my band The Auracles and I might be making an appearance!

I am also actively involved with 94.7 The Pulse and host my very own show called Reckless Radio. We play 100% Aussie music and I’ve been lucky enough to interview some awesome musicians including Josh Pyke and Jarred from Eagle and the Worm!!!

What is the vision / concept and inspiration behind your music?

Music is my passion and for me music is about being able to share it. I write songs mostly from life experiences and believe that it’s really important to think about connecting with audiences. I’m really lucky to be able to do what I love and to share this with others!!!

Who are your music loves? What would we see on Izzy’s iTunes playlist?

My iTunes playlist is a bit of weird mix! Currently at the top is Hidden Hands by Jen Cloher. I like supporting local artists and supporting music by people whom I’ve met, it makes me respect their music so much more. I always enjoy anything with piano in it, female artists like Kate Miller-Hidke, Katie Noonan and Regina Spektor have really gained my respect because they are strong front women. Also, not that many people play piano as lead so they are major inspirations for me. I also like music like Karnivool and I really used to like Cog. I like all sorts of music really, but I’d have to say I’m fairly picky, and listen to things at my own pace. I don’t really follow music trends. I think that comes down to me always playing my own original stuff and getting caught up in my own little world.

What does the future hold for Izzy losi?

After having just recorded my first professional debut EP under the name Izzy Losi and the Auracles, this is only the beginning for me! I have wanted to produce a record of this quality for some time, people think making a record it easy but in reality creating it is a whole different story. Thanks to receiving the Queenscliff Music Festival scholarship last year, I was able to make the record happen and it was a real honour for me. I’ve had my fair share of low points within the music industry, so I really feel like it’s my time to shine now. Not many people know who I am in the industry and I want to change that. This EP is only the start of what I want to do. I want to keep making professional records from here on and keep performing live. I want to play more music festivals outside of the Geelong and Surfcoast region and venture out more into other towns and cities.


And what about life outside of music?

Well, I’ve just completed my degree at Uni where I studied Media Communications and Italian. I plan to travel overseas again in the future, and put my Italian to the test again (and perhaps even play some music while I’m over there!). I think travelling overseas is a great thing for anyone, it really opens your eyes to the world. As you can tell, I haven’t really locked myself into one area. I’m always busy and I’m hardly ever bored.

Do you have any quotes or sayings you live by?

I have a few quotes that I really believe in, sometimes I forget about them but when I am reacquainted with them again I always feel really good!

“By 1998, lead singer Ian Kenny changed their set to entirely original songs, removed all early members and officially named the band Karnivool.” Thus, I believe in original creations, never try to be anyone else but thyself.

“Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness”. I really believe in this one, nothing comes to you, you have to get up and do everything for yourself.

And….“He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking.” I really dislike artists who are all about themselves, if you support others they are more likely to support you!

Geelong’s best kept secret?

I think Courthouse is still a bit of a hidden place for some people. I always tell people about it because it’s such a great arts hub for Geelong. I don’t want it to be a secret but sometimes it feels like it has a blanket over it!

Where can we find your work?

My new EP is available now on iTunes!  (we’re also on Spotify, JBhifiNOW, Amazon, and a few others). Hard copies are also available via my website at You can listen to a couple of songs here on our website too.

There’s also this video that Courthouse Arts made in the lead up to my gig with Mia Dyson this Sunday; it’s a little interview with me and I’m playing a song in the background.



Thanks so much Izzy!

Love Penny + Laura 

Some dates for your diaries!


As always, over the next few months in our spare time we’ll be out and about gathering interviews, shop visits and other adventures to blog about for you all. But in the meantime we thought we’d share a few markets and gigs that could be worth popping in your diaries!


Mathilda’s Market – Home to the most gorgeous baby and kids goods.

When and Where: November 11th 2012 at The Pier, Geelong

Good Bye Second Hand Market – Could be a good place to snap up some super pre-loved designer clothing!

When and Where : November 11th from 11am at  Bellbrae Hall, School Road, Bellbrae

The Evening Cast – This awesome local band will be launching their new E.P ‘Lake’. Yay!

When and Where: Thursday evening November 22nd at Beavs Bar Geelong

Piccadilly Market – An old favourite market of ours!

When and Where: Sunday November 25th, 10am – 4pm at Deakin Waterfront University, 1 Gheringhap Street, Geelong

Artefact Market – The Christmas Pop Up Market ! New exciting venue!

When and Where: Saturday 1st December – Trading 10-4 pm at The Mill Market, Brougham Street , Geelong .

Three Little Birds Market – Piccadilly Markets new baby and kids Market !

When and Where: Sunday 9th December , 10 am – 3pm at The Pier, Geelong

And it’s not technically a Geelong event, but it is being organised  by some clever Geelong locals :

 ‘In from the wild’ Market  – Designers and makers from regional victoria showcasing their wares in Fitzroy. Run by the ladies from local jewellery label Olive Brown Designs . Laura’s ‘Welcome To Geelong’ Map illustrations will also be available for purchase at the market!

When and Where: Friday 23rd November 12pm – 8pm at ‘Russian House’  112 Greeves St Fitzroy. 

Love Penny + Laura