Living Etc – furniture, furnishings and fabrics (etc)!

Living Etc

Where: Corner of High Street and Mt Pleasant Road, Belmont

When: Mon – Fri 9 to 5.30 & Sat 9 to 4


Ph: 5241 2664

When it comes to sourcing good quality contemporary furniture, Geelong folk may automatically think that they have to go to the melbourne or any other major city to find the best (Well, that’s what we thought, anyway!). Oh! Hello Geelong has discovered that this is absolutely not the case and we feel quite chuffed that we can officially debunk this myth! Living Etc, in the pretty suburb of Belmont, is the place in Geelong to go for furniture that makes a statement.

Surprise visit…

Like many of our adventures, this one occurred on a bit of a whim after we discovered we both had a free space in our diary to get out and about (quite a rarity in recent weeks). Due to our spontaneity we weren’t able to catch up with Living Etc’s owner Sue, however we were very well looked after and informed by one of Living Etc’s lovely and style savvy consultants, Ken, who boasts an impressive knowledge of design, styling and of course, furniture – thanks Ken!

Living Etc is a breezy space with gorgeous sunlight pouring in through the windows that wrap around the entire front façade. The floor is dotted with stunning pieces of furniture, which are thoughtfully displayed using colour themes, lighting and soft furnishings to tie everything together; just like walking through fab little furniture exhibits, so fun! As all good furniture stores do, Living etc expertly demonstrates the art of displaying furniture in your home through the use of colour, wall paper and fabrics, decorative pieces and soft furnishings.

Furniture is an art…

So after doing several laps we both agreed that we had fallen in love with pretty much the entire store and added about 50 items to our Oh! Hello Geelong wish list! However, we do have some extra special favourites that we will share. Our fave living and dining pieces include the gorgeous selection of recycled timber tables by dbodhi, the entire Jardan range – made and designed in Melbourne (sooo good!) , Design House Stockholm nesting tables, bentwood chairs, leather Acalpulco chairs AND if you are not ‘anti-replica’, Living Etc also have a massive offering replica Eames chairs,  Tolix stools and Wishbone dining chairs. Also stocked are pieces from the Marie Claire furniture collection, including a fabulous sculptural book shelf and lounge setting. Living Etc also offer a custom made dining table service, who knew!

Of the soft furnishings and decorational pieces, we were drooling over the huge selection our favourite Pony Rider cushion, Bonnie and Neil  linens, cushion covers and screen printed wooden goods as well as the chunky and bright cable knit pillows. The store also houses a great selection of  wallpapers and fabrics, including the seriously amazing Design Team for Rosetti fabrics – vintage photographic goodness! We were also quite fond of the Citta range of soft adorable soft toys and buntings for little ones…

Light bulb moment…

As well as the selection of furniture, Living Etc has a fabulous collection of contemporary lighting including oversized hanging bulbs, sculptural Cu C Me lights, industrial pendants, arc lamps, cluster pendants and tripods.

Sue has owned her business for over 20 years now and her experience and expertise really shows through her selection of fashionable and on-trend furniture and accessories. To Sue from Oh! Hello Geelong, we hope to meet you sometime soon! And to Ken, thanks for taking such good care of us and giving us a crash course in the wonderful world of furniture.

Love Penny + Laura

Oh Hello!

Hello! Yes, it’s true. Penny is on a Toyko adventure! Lucky lady.

But don’t fret! She’ll be back. And so will Oh! Hello Geelong.

We have been very quiet lately, we know! But we promise that we have many adventures and stories up our sleeves. Including a beautiful Barwon Heads shop feature, a visit to the The Moriac Market , some coffee love and hopefully our first sneak peak into a beautiful local home!

And just quietly, you may get to see Oh! Hello Geelong in printed form very, very soon too! Oh my!

Love Penny + Laura

Oktoberdee & Herman’s Cousin Harriet.

Herman’s Cousin Harriet (& Oktoberdee studio)

Where: 171 Moorabool Street, Geelong

When: Mon to Fri 10 to 5 & Sat 10 – 3

Ph: 5222 1598

Web: Oktoberdee & Hermans Cousin Harriet

You know that daggy old adage, “good things come in small packages”? Weelll,  for Oh! Hello Geelong this saying definitely came to mind during our adventure to meet the super clever lady behind fab local brand Oktoberdee and her oh so adorable store Herman’s Cousin Harriet. For such a teeny tiny space, this sweet little gift store and vintage boutique is overflowing with precious pieces for people we love (and for us too!) as well as a fab selection of gorgeous Oktoberdee bags and accessories. While being small makes this Geelong gem a little harder to find than others…for us it’s the geography which makes us love this store  / studio all the more.


A stitch in time…

When you visit Herman’s Cousin Harriet you’re going to meet the store’s owner Lauren Ferry, a woman who lives and breathes her dreams; so inspiring. Lauren is a Geelong lass who spent her uni days studying Industrial Design at RMIT. After learning her trade, Lauren began creating jewellery and neckwear under the fun name Oktoberdee . Whilst making her early Oktoberdee creations, Lauren discovered she loved working with leather and vintage scarves and had a flair for “up-cycling”. From this Lauren started making some truly unique pieces including the wonderful Cravelle (which is a fabulous cravat style leather/scarf design for women – we were wowed). However, the real jewel in the Oktoberdee crown is Lauren’s range of leather and fabric handbags and purses that are a treat for the eyes and so so lovely to touch!

So with a collection of pieces that needed to be showcased, Lauren decided to open up her Moorabool Street studio and created a store of her own. And so six years ago Herman’s Cousin Harriet was born!

What is really amazing about Lauren’s story is that for the first four years of Herman’s Cousin Harriet’s life when she was also producing her designs for Oktoberdee, Lauren was ALSO managing a nightclub in town; move over Wonder Woman! What Lauren came to realise though is that she was feeling too exhausted to be creative and decided she needed to hang up her disco boots and focus her energies on her designs and the store.

Oktoberdee and lots lots more…

Of course the Oktoberdee collection has a strong presence in Herman’s Cousin Harriet, you can even see into Lauren’s design studio which is tucked away at the back of the store. Her newest bag collection Whimsy is just so beautiful and much pieces in the the accessory range have been added to our list of wants! How adorable is this brooch !…..Anyhoo, as well as Oktoberdee, you can find Victoria Mason Jewellery,  Emily Green necklaces, Bison Book Binding journals, An April Idea stationary, Darling Clementine woodland cushions and Adventure Soap Sticks. The store also has a range of quirky and unique glass jewellery and gift pieces by Mount Martha glassblower Sarah Dingwall. Lauren’s range is thoughtfully selected and includes items she loves and would love to buy for herself and her friends.

While we loved the stationery and Oktoberdee treasures, Oh! Hello Geelong also fell in love with Lauren’s collection of vintage clothing and shoes for gals and gents. Each piece is in great condition and beautifully displayed, especially the shoes (you’ll know what we mean when you go in). Lauren spends many days and hours travelling the countryside in search of perfect vintage pieces to add to her collection, what a fun job! If only those flouro orange shoes were in our size! Gah!

We also went slightly mad over Lauren’s feature wall, which to the naked eye is just an old brick wall but is actually wallpaper, very cool!


Making its mark on the world…

We at Oh! Hello Geelong are certainly not the first people to recognise how special Herman’s Cousin Harriet and Oktoberdee (and most importantly Lauren) really are. The store and Lauren made it to the pages of (our beloved) Frankie magazine back in 2008 when it featured in the “I love my shop” section. Meanwhile the Oktoberdee range, which is available for sale online, has 35 stockists nationwide and has even made its way to New Zealand. Lauren has also done collaborations with designers Leah Duncan and Marisa Redondo which pretty fabulous! And just when you thought she would have no time to sleep, Lauren can also be found selling her designs at markets across the state! We are so glad that this small little hive of activity and joy is creating big waves here in Geelong and beyond! We love Oktoberdee and Herman’s Cousin Harriet!!!

PS: Thanks for a fun lunchtime Lauren xx

PPS: If like us your navigation skills aren’t fabulous; you can find Herman’s Cousin Harriet by walking up Moorabool Street (not far from from frank & dolly’s) and walking through the arcade!!! Keep your eye out for the ridiculously cute store sign out the front.

PPPS. We must not forget to mention that the business / store frontage and studio space of Herman’s Cousin Harriet is up for sale (so that Lauren can focus her energies on the future empire that is Oktoberdee!) We have every crossable crossed that someone equally as special and passionate about beautiful things buys this gem of a business and keeps this quirky little place alive!

Love Penny + Laura

Calling all friends of Oh! Hello Geelong.

We are on a brand new mission and we need your help. Besides our love for cute and quirky objects and crafts, independent stores and scrumptious food, our other shared passion is interior design / decoration. We find pouring over pages of home design magazines and reading interior design blogs an absolute delight and always feel inspired by the amazing houses we’ve read about and been able to have a sneaky peek through. But what gives us that extra tingly feeling is actually walking through a fabulous home, a house that stands out from the rest, one that has been decorated with the perfect mixture of style, creativity and imagination. Heaven!
So this is where you come in! We’d love to know about Geelong’s (and surrounds) fabulous homes and would love even more to include them in the blog!
So have a little think, do you know a friend with a fabulous house that could rival this or this house,  Has your neighbour created a home that has that special something, like this home or this home? Have you got a gorgeous home that you love just as much as we’d love to live somewhere like this or this?
If you answered yes to any of the above let us know, we’d love to visit and show off some fabulous local homes and get the world excited about the way we live here in this mini city called Geelong!
You can contact us by email ( with your responses but don’t forget to tell us why you think your home is special! And PHOTO’S we absolutely need to see a few sneaky photos too 🙂
Love Penny + Laura