Hello dear readers,

We hope this page helps you to understand a little more about our little world of Oh! Hello Geelong. 

What is Oh! Hello Geelong blog? When and why did you start it?

Oh! Hello Geelong was established in 2012 by Laura & Penny – two ladies who were NOT from here! For them, like some, it wasn’t love at first sight when they first met Geelong, but they soon made friends with their new hometown and decided to share their finds! The rest, as you all know, is history!

When life started to head in exciting new directions for both of them, they handed the reigns over to Jen & Nat; they’re kind of not from here either! When they first found Oh! Hello Geelong it was great for both of them to see their town through new eyes.

Now, they look forward to sharing their happy finds and adventures with you!

I want to know more about Jen and Nat. What do you both do for a living and how much time do you get to spend on the blog?

Jennifer is a Graphic Designer by trade with over 15 years experience working with clients big and small.  Her background is in packaging and branding but her love is designing textiles. Her studio, A Piece of Cloth,  is down at the historic Barwon Paper Mill in Fyansford in an old warehouse that was once the boiler room.  In-between travelling the globe hunting down amazing textiles she is designing them for some of Australia’s leading companies.

Nat is a designer and silversmith and together with her husband Andrew, they run their own company, A Skulk of Foxes, which is a multidisciplinary independent design studio that they established in Geelong in 2006. They work in the fields of jewellery design & production, 3D modeling & animation and product development.  They have designed and produced collections for a wide range of clients, including the National Gallery of Australia and the world renowned Natural History Museum in London.  If that wasn’t enough to keep her on her toes, add into the mix 3 little ones, Mila (8), Nia (7) & Luca (5)!

As for how much time we get to spend on the blog…we try and organize an adventure to put together a new story about once a fortnight. We wish there were more hours in the day and more days in the week!

Are you a shop? Are you a personal shopping  / research service? 

No and No.

Can I work with you? What about an internship or work experience?

As much as we love company and inspiring and mentoring others, our current set-up is somewhat ad-hoc and probably would not accommodate your needs! Maybe one day Oh! Hello Geelong will be big enough to take you on!

Can I advertise with Oh! Hello Geelong?

You may have noticed that Oh! Hello Geelong has sponsors now – this is a relatively new area for us. Right now, sponsorship with Oh! Hello Geelong is available only to people / businesses who we’ve already endorsed in some way, including being featured on the blog. Stay tuned!

I have a great idea for someone, somewhere and/or something that you should feature on the blog, what next?

Shoot us an email at ohhellogeelong@yahoo.com, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us as much info as possible, photos and links to websites are a great help! We love receiving your suggestions, keep them coming – but please be nice! We’re always open to taking on suitable submissions, recommendations and tip-offs. As you can imagine we receive loads of correspondence daily and unfortunately it is impossible to get back to everyone (as much as we’d love to).

Why haven’t you reviewed xxxxx  yet?!

Sorry! We have a never-ending list of places, spaces, people and things that we are aiming to check out in and around Geelong; sometimes it gets hard to coordinate our already busy schedules! Please don’t forget, our aim was never to review or feature EVERY business, creator, maker, designer, place or space in Geelong, this blog reflects our personal tastes and interests and things that make US smile! Though…chances are the places you want us to feature are probably somewhere on our list, please be patient, we’ll get there eventually!

Can you promote our upcoming fete, market or fair?

Oh! Hello Geelong loves the energy that is put into fetes, markets and fairs and has been known to visit and endorse a variety of local markets. Please let us know about your market / fete / fair ; we love hearing about local events and do our best to get to as many as we can. Please remember that Oh! Hello Geelong is not a promotional service for all upcoming fetes, markets or fairs and we don’t provide a comprehensive listing of events – however if we come across something extra special or unique we are open to providing our support and endorsement.

Do you ever do any sponsored posts?

No, we only ever blog about stories we personally love.

How can I be updated when you do new posts?

Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to keep up to speed with Oh! Hello Geelong, both are updated regularly with blog and other news.  You can also follow the blog via wordpress and receive email updates each time we publish a new post.

Can I use or republish any of your photos and written content from Oh! Hello Geelong?

Maybe… but you must contact and ask  us nicely first!

That’s all for now, thanks so much for following our blog!

Love Jen + Nat

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