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We love receiving all of your comments and messages and we enjoy reading ALL of them. Keep ’em coming! We’re always open to taking on suitable submissions, recommendations and tip-offs!

As you can imagine we receive loads of correspondence daily and unfortunately it is impossible to get back to everyone (as much as we’d love to).

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.

Jen + Nat

4 responses

  1. Hey Laura and Penny – There is a dessert bar located in the Little Malop Mall party near the Eureka. I think it is called “Armageddon Cake” could be worth a look!


    • Hi Kate!
      We have had Armageddon Cake on our list for a while now and are STILL trying to find a moment to get there:) We keep hearing such great things! Might have to move it to priority #1 . Thanks so much! Penny + Laura

  2. Hi Laura and Penny, don’t forget Duck’s Nest..fabulous Scandinavian inspired furniture and gorgeous things. In Pakington Village Geelong West. Susan Pehar is owner.

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