Good Evening, and Welcome to Television…

Back in the 1950s we welcomed in the dawn of television. It was in black and white and we all thought it was incredibly exciting….

We are equally excited to announce that Geelong is getting it’s VERY OWN magazine show!  Forget Postcards, the new ‘Pulse Television’ will be highlighting and featuring the Greater Geelong region and its many hidden gems and we, yes, us two are on board presenting a segment most weeks uncovering what we love about Geelong.

So when does all this excitement happen you ask….the pilot episode of Pulse Television is going to air on Friday 6th September at 8pm on Channel 31. We can’t wait as we had so much fun filming our first adventure at the Hughes Street shopping centre where we interviewed the local traders about what they love about being a part of this colourful community. Not to mention us enjoying the tasty treats they have on offer.

So do you have a story to tell? Do you want to let Geelong know about something you are doing? Know a gem thats perfect to be uncovered and to gleam in the spotlight? Then get in touch and let us know. We are always looking for new and exciting things we can let our readers or should we say ‘watchers’ to know about. We think Geelong is a great place and we want everyone to know about it so we might be paying you a visit with a TV crew.

Put the date in your diary and join us for this new and exciting adventure.


A little more about the show –

The various segments will introduce our audience to the diversity of Geelong and its surrounding community, profiling its personalities, exploring local music talent, dabbling in the arts, highlighting different cultures and taking part in local festivals. Expect to see live music, local artists, local food and wine, community gardens, refugee stories, Geelong personalities and more – all developed, filmed and edited by our youth media students training at The Pulse and presented by volunteers from the station and the wider community.

The new show is intending to cater for the wider adult community, from teens and young adults to baby boomers. Specifically, it will be targeting open and creative minds interested in diversity, arts and culture.

Liz Carr, Executive Producer says, ‘Channel 31 want Geelong content, and that’s exactly what they will get. I think once the people of Geelong see the show, they will all want to be a part of it and get involved. Join us once a week where we will take you on a tour of the Geelong region and all it has to offer”.


94.7 The Pulse FM is the heartbeat of the greater Geelong community, broadcasting over 70 programs per week. Pulse Television captures the essence of the station and its partner Diversitat, the largest Multicultural Communities’ Council in Australia.

The series will run in accordance with Channel 31 thirteen-week seasons with an expected 13 episodes produced per season.

Thank you to Christine Morrissy of Morrissy Photos for taking the location shots.


Calling all friends of Oh! Hello Geelong.

We are on a brand new mission and we need your help. Besides our love for cute and quirky objects and crafts, independent stores and scrumptious food, our other shared passion is interior design / decoration. We find pouring over pages of home design magazines and reading interior design blogs an absolute delight and always feel inspired by the amazing houses we’ve read about and been able to have a sneaky peek through. But what gives us that extra tingly feeling is actually walking through a fabulous home, a house that stands out from the rest, one that has been decorated with the perfect mixture of style, creativity and imagination. Heaven!
So this is where you come in! We’d love to know about Geelong’s (and surrounds) fabulous homes and would love even more to include them in the blog!
So have a little think, do you know a friend with a fabulous house that could rival this or this house,  Has your neighbour created a home that has that special something, like this home or this home? Have you got a gorgeous home that you love just as much as we’d love to live somewhere like this or this?
If you answered yes to any of the above let us know, we’d love to visit and show off some fabulous local homes and get the world excited about the way we live here in this mini city called Geelong!
You can contact us by email ( with your responses but don’t forget to tell us why you think your home is special! And PHOTO’S we absolutely need to see a few sneaky photos too 🙂
Love Penny + Laura