About Nat + Jen

About Jen

Jen was originally from here but left when she was 18 off into the wider yonder of the world. After living in inner city Melbourne for the most part and travelling extensively for the past 20 years, she found herself back here.  It took some time to adjust but has now found her feet and has even established her business, A Piece of Cloth here.


About Nat

Nat grew up in Thornbury; an inner-Northern suburb of Melbourne and then as an adult, spent many years Bayside in Elwood and East St. Kilda.  She worked for 13 years in the fashion industry; designing, cutting and making clothes happen before she met the love of her life, made a baby and moved to Geelong via London.  Seven years, two more babies and a well-established business, A Skulk of Foxes, later, she finds herself taking the hold of the reigns with Jen and sharing the adventures and treasures that her new-ish hometown has to offer!


How they met………

Jen had just crawled her way off the red-eye from Los Angeles and straight to her stall at Piccadilly Market, with her latest haul of vintage fabrics from the USA.  Jet lagged and propping her eyes up with multiple coffees, Nat was manning her business next door and took pity on Jen’s poor soul and bloodshot eyes! The two instantly hit it off and Nat somehow managed to keep Jen awake and entertained for the duration! Over the last few years, they have worked together, shared many laughs, tears and bottles of red!

28 responses

  1. Cool blog so far. Welcome to Geelong. I expected to see lots of happy snaps from cafe go on the blog after all the shots you took today. Enjoy your time here – its a good little town.

    • Hey Miriam, this sounds pretty interesting. We’ll try and be in touch soon. Thanks for contacting us! We actually know someone who was looking for a group like this to join, so your timing is fab!

  2. Thank you so much for this blog! I have just moved down here from Melbourne and have been feeling a little lost. Now I can set myself a challenge of finding all the places you mention and actually getting to know G-town.

  3. Love your work lovely ladies, thank you for sharing your essential discoveries! I too am new to the hood and look forward to venturing out to sample these wonderful local wares.

  4. Your blog makes me want to be a Geelong girl again! I now live in the inner-north in Melb but am from Geelong and still visit regularly to see family. To have little pieces of the inner-city life opening up in a place where everywhere is “10 minutes away”, the beach is only 20 minutes away, babysitters are 5 minutes away and a 3 bedroom house is affordable makes me want to move back! Love it – I’ll be checking in regularly to work out what place I should be discovering on my next visit down…thank goodness for those babysitters!

  5. Oooh thank you sooo much!! Having just made the move to G-Town after being a born and bred Melbournite, I was wailing the loss of all my fav Melbourne haunts! My Irish hubby is already loving G-Town, but this has made me super excited to get out, explore & even fall in love with the G-Town. Ps. Any cool afternoon &/or night spots to visit??

  6. Great blog girls! I was just alerted to it by my sister who read about you on thedesignfiles.net. Like you I’m relatively new to the area (although I’m in Pt Lon). Wonderful insights into the local markets, shops and galleries. I’m a Melb girl who has lived in London (4 years) and Ballarat (2 years) in recent times but now the coast is home – my hubby’s childhood home and a wonderful place to bring up little ones. I look forward to exploring all the places that you have written about.

  7. Hi Penny and Laura
    Well done – an excellent blog. My name is Jon Mamonski and I’m at the Geelong Performing Arts Centre where you can be entertained regularly by a vast range of shows for all ages and tastes.
    Check us out at http://www.gpac.org.au. I live in Ocean Grove and there is plenty to take in, in this beautiful hamlet with the finest ocean beach on the coast. All the very best with your exploring.

  8. Hi there to OHhellogeelong.
    What a great website. Full of lots of good stuff.
    I am a sonwriter, singer, guitarist and banjo player from Geelong.
    Presently performing gigs around Geelong, The Bellerine and beyond.
    I wondered if you wanted to do an article on one of my songs.
    Hey Hey Molly Meldrum. A song I wrote and performed about
    the guru of Australian music.. He has heard the song and said some of the lyrics were about some things even he had forgotten.
    Would really like to hear from you.
    All the best From Steve Thew Geelong.
    Ph: 0400028854

  9. Hi Penny and Laura. I am moving to Geelong in the next few weeks from Northern NSW with my boyfriend (first time out of home for both of us) and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both! Your blog is very warming and I am much more optimistic now that I will find a home away from home in this beautiful town. You’re both doing a great job 🙂

  10. I love your blog! And after reading your ‘About Us’, I can tell you I love your earrings too Nat, having bought some a couple of years back. I also think I met you at The Big Design market in December – I was after a replacement of an earring I’d lost and you kindly sent me a replacement. Thank you!

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