Shave Day

This is just a quick follow-up to my last post, Live Strong, about my Pakington Village neighbour and friend, Steven Nardi, who wanted to shave his beard for a cause that is so close to his heart.  On Saturday, I had a front row seat to witness the shave (actually it was standing room only) and today I am feeling an overwhelming sense of pride for my community and the town that I now call home!


What began as a somewhat low-key desire to celebrate his ‘cancer free’ milestone, turned into a full blown community event, with our very own Mayor(s) Darryn Lyons (our officially elected Mayor) and Billy Brownless (AFL legend, affectionately referred to as ‘The Mayor of Geelong’**) overseeing the shave and raffle draw.


The turnout was incredible, as is the total that Steven raised; a WHOPPING $16,576!

Follow this link to the Mister Miller Facebook page, where Steven has posted a short video!

Congratulations to Steven and everyone that contributed!

Nat xx


**NOTE – when I first moved to Geelong, I was led to believe that Billy Brownless really WAS the Mayor!

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