Laura and Penny are signing off xx

There’s a saying that goes “all good things come to an end”, we’ve all heard it said time and again. But you know what…sometimes they don’t! You may have noticed that Oh! Hello Geelong has been super quiet recently, this is because we have been in the process of packing away our notepads and cameras and getting ready for some new life adventures. Penny is moving to Darwin to live with the crocodiles for a while and Laura is focussing more on her own busy creative business and is also planning her move home to Melbourne in the near-ish future. Rest assured everyone, Oh! Hello Geelong however, is not going anywhere. We will be handing over our beautiful baby to a fab new duo.

Together we spent some time searching for the right people to take the reins and we think we’ve struck gold. We are very excited to announce that the clever and super talented Natalie Cirillo from A Skulk of Foxes together with the Queen of Quilts herself, Jen Hyland from A Piece of Cloth, will be the new faces behind Oh! Hello Geelong. We are so excited to see what the girls get up to – we are sure they will keep you all well entertained! The girls will be introducing themselves to you all very soon, so stay tuned! The blog will also undergo a slight makeover… a new colour palette and illustrations provided by Laura of course!

We’d each like to thank every single one of you for reading, following, being featured in, supporting, sponsoring and loving Oh! Hello Geelong. You have all helped make the blog grow and evolve into what it is today.


Laura & Penny x


And some personal goodbyes from us…

Dear Oh! Hello Geelong readers

It’s never easy saying “goodbye”, so I normally avoid it all together by quietly slipping away into the distance. But on this occasion I just couldn’t head away without saying a few special goodbyes and giving thanks. Firstly, thank you, thank you, thank you to all the lovely shop and business owners, designers, makers, creators, florists, artists and market gurus who featured on our little blog. Your passion and drive and your willingness to share your stories made the entire journey an absolute pleasure and joy. You are all part of why Geelong is such a special place to live. Secondly, thank you to ALL our wonderful followers, your constant support and enthusiasm for Oh! Hello Geelong was always so inspiring. Please continue supporting the blog, we are leaving it in good hands and know that there are many fun and fresh discoveries coming your way. 

Thirdly, I want to say thank you to Laura for her dedication and commitment to Oh! Hello Geelong. Laura’s beautiful photographs, illustrations, IT genius and designer’s eye helped bring magic to the blog and made each and every post come alive. Laura, our little adventures always brightened up my day!

And finally to G-town itself, I am going to miss so much about you; my wonderful local friends, the river, the waterfront, the cafes and shopping villages, the beaches, the old streets, the historical buildings, the gardens. In my eyes you are a little slice of heaven! 

Penny xxx


Dear Oh! Hello Friends, 

Penny has pretty much summed it all up for the both of us in her letter above! But, of course I do need to say my own goodbye! It has been such an amazing adventure over the past year or so – I have met and been inspired by so many incredible people and also made some lifelong friends. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of our little blog! It’s hard to believe the loyal following that the blog has gathered,  it feels like it was only yesterday that we were ‘happy dancing’ about the fact that we had reached 100 likers on Facebook.  Now we are close to 3000! Quite amazing. Thank you for letting us share our Geelong adventures, discoveries and loves with you.

To Penny, without you the blog would have been just pretty pictures and few badly written paragraphs! The inspiring stories behind the people, places, adventures and local treasures that we discovered would have never been shared in such a great way. So thank you for your always beautiful wordy goodness. It was so much fun discovering our temporary home town of Geelong with you!

So goodbye from me, lovely readers! Please stick around to see what fun the lovely Nat and Jen have to share with you! Exciting times ahead for Oh! Hello Geelong. Change is always good! 🙂

Love Laura xx