Popsicle Shop LOVE

Where – 327 Shannon Avenue, Newtown 3220

When – Monday to Saturday 9-5pm

Dates – Friday 16th November until Christmas Eve 2012

Web – facebook

We love it when something fresh and new pops into our inbox. The moment we laid our eyes on the neon pink branding of Popsicle Shop we  were hooked. The bright and colourful aesthetic of this super fun, super happy and super bright pop up shop  is just what the doctor ordered. Popsicle Shop opens to the public on Friday 16th November and it is sure to be a summer time hit, filled with gorgeous home wares, accessories, ladies and baby clothing and party ware , this store is a colourful party for your eyes! The creators of this gem are local screen printer / fashion designer Lucy Young and her Melbournian friend Bec Bennett. These ladies come with a wealth of creative talent and experience in the design, fashion, product development & marketing industries and we think they have created something really special here with their newest project Popsicle Shop.

You better get in quick though because Popsicle shop is only open until Christmas eve, that’s only 6 weeks of this shopping goodness!  We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek into the shop before the launch party! And some of Oh! Hello Geelong’s  favourite products in store were all of the beautiful Louli Screen printed goods (pillow cases, t-shirts, tote bags, baby clothing), the amazing basket pendant lights made by Lucy and her husband, Bec’s seriously cool Sticks Sunglasses range the super cute party ware bits and pieces.

Thanks to Lucy for letting us steal a little of her time to find out some more about this gem of a pop up shop! We hope you all enjoy this shop as much as we did!

Can you tell us a bit about your backgrounds (what you studied, what you both do for a living) and what led you to creating ‘Popsicle Shop’ ?

It all began with a clever Mum, who was always sewing and creating, and very inspiring to me, then i found a passion for screen printing, which began at school, then studying at RMIT after that. This then led me to begin my own label Louli, which started out as hand printed Tees and grew into all kinds of women’s clothes, mainly dresses and easy beachy things like I like to wear myself! I also print bed linen for a beautiful shop in South Melbourne called Nest. and other than that, just preparing for the arrival of our new and first bub at the start of next year… most likely the biggest challenge yet, but one I am very much looking forward to!
Bec has Marketing and design background,  specialising in eyewear design & development. She spent 5 years as Category Manager at Oakley South Pacific when based at Torquay and Geelong. Went on to establish Eyetribe  in 2007 and launched aquatic eyewear and fashion sunglasses for kids.  Eyetribe has recently entered the adult’s eyewear market with a range of handmade bamboo and acetate frames for eco conscious females.  These are showcased at Popsicle shop!

What is the vision / concept and inspiration behind Popsicle Shop?

We both had a passion to try our hands in retail and all the stars seem to align and the time was right and we decided to just jump in and do it. It has been a great experience that we have loved doing together, and knowing we were only opening for a short period made it seem possible and not overwhelming! We also wanted to celebrate summer and add some colour and sparkle to Newtown this Xmas.
We are inspired by simple design and things that make us smile!

Can you tell us what visitors to Popsicle Shop should expect to find.

Things they haven’t seen before hopefully, lots of colour, a heathy dose of neon pink! A real mix of clothing and home wares, accessories, hand printed babies clothing, sunglasses, bags, baskets (so many baskets!) and beautiful pressed tin christmas decorations. Lots of treasures for the home and everyone inside it !

What are some of the products / brands Popsicle Shop sells?

We are bringing something a bit different to what is available here, there and everywhere. Bits and pieces sourced from Bali, mixed in with things we love from Australia, and also some of each of our own brands, Louli and Eyetribe kids sunnies and Bec’s amazing new Sticks sunglasses for the ladies, soon to be on every females christmas wish list!

What are your favourite product/s at Popsicle Shop?

Plenty of fun and new party accessories which make me want a host a gorgeous & colourful picnic over the summer break.

Will Popsicles pop up somewhere else soon? What does the future hold for Popsicles?

Oooh who knows what the future holds for Popsicle Shop! I am getting my dream in of running a shop before I have my first baby in a couple of months, and then hopefully once I have mastered that new challenge (could be a while!) we will be back and ready to pop up somewhere else. With a coffee machine in tow…

In general, what are your biggest inspirations? 

We both have similar taste and love anything by the super talented Melbourne artist Miranda Skoczek. Anything Japanese, love their kitch quirky-ness, and the way they put things together. Loving Pinterest for inspiration these days too.

How long have you both lived in Geelong?

I am a Geelong girl for life, apart from a few years renting in melbourne, common story! Bec is a Melbourne girl who I convinced to try her luck down here with me in a pop up adventure. Secretly, like all good friends I’d like to recruit her and the family down to our town… she is a beach girl after all!

Geelong’s best kept secret?

Probably the Mill Markets, but it’s not such a secret any more… that and the chicken baguette at the French bakery in Pakington St!


Thanks to Lucy and Bec for the awesome sneak peak into you fabulous new shop!
Love Laura + Penny

A Piece of Cloth + Textile Treasures

Who: Jen Hyland AKA ‘A Piece of Cloth’ & Rachel Hine Textile Treasures

Where: Studio 9/100 Lower Paper Mill Road, Fyansford

When: Studio open Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

Web: www.apieceofcloth.com.au  and  whereisrachelhine.blogspot.com.au

Shop: At the studio and Online here and here

There is something magical that happens after an encounter with people who have passion, fire and drive. These encounters inject you with energy and spark and help you to see the world in new and interesting ways. Oh! Hello Geelong recently had the pleasure of spending time with two super amazing and inspiring women. Jen Hyland and Rachel Hine were lovely enough to welcome us into their newly opened Fyansford studio where they run A Piece of Cloth and Rachel Hine Textile Treasures.

The space is part studio and part shop,  and  if all goes to plan, this gorgeous space will also house a cafe and textile/printing/diy  + crafty workshops in the near future too – how exciting! Anyhoo, before we begin telling you about the wonderful adventure it was to visit Jen and Rachel, just a little disclaimer: there are so many details about this two-woman operation that are worthy of their own individual posts, so this is really just a taste! Enjoy…we certainly did!

Cloth + textile treasures…

For many people a piece of cloth is, well…just a piece of cloth; right? Well not for us two textile + pattern lovers and definitely not for Jen Hyland , who lives and breathes fabric, this is certainly not the case! A Piece of Cloth is Jen’s textile design and vintage textiles business, which sources and creates and sells fabrics that are not so easy to find, especially here in Australia. Jen’s collection includes original American fabrics dating back to the 1860s (so much history) right up to more recent decades. Jen also has a selection of vintage American quilts; some have been loving repaired while others are as they were when they were wrapped around the shoulders of the last owner!

Whilst American fabrics form the majority of Jen’s collection, she also has some Australian and European pieces as well as fabrics from Africa, India, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam (to list just a few)! Jen has travelled to the US and across the world in search of the best fabrics and most stunning prints to add to her collection, which is beautifully displayed in the Fyansford studio (more of that later, very exciting!).

For Jen, what makes a truly great fabric is a good, strong and interesting print and something that has colour! Jen is also attracted to fabrics that have historical significance. One style of fabric that particularly caught Oh! Hello Geelong’s attention was the American feedsack fabrics. Feedsacks started life as a sack holding basic foodstuffs such as flour and sugar and were later used by women to make dresses and other textile items – so resourceful! These fabrics are soft and pretty and considered collectors’ items! If you’re interested in learning more about the history behind some of these fabrics, Jen has an encyclopaedic knowledge of this field and shares this with others from her studio, on her blog and at public speaking events such as the Australian Quilters Association.

Jen also creates a stunning collection of her own cushions and quilts, all hand quilted and seriously divine.  They are available from some fab stores including Ballyhoo and of course at the new studio shop.

Rachel Hine is the endearingly quirky and lovely lady who works out of her little studio nook in the wonderful space of A Piece Of Cloth. Her background is in Tapestry – she has a fine arts degree in tapestry weaving and her studio is littered with gorgeous weaving works in progress, embroidered floor rugs and the sweetest tiny tapestries. Rachel, also a textile lover / collector makes the most adorable little fabric fox friends and jewellery. Her works are beautifully detailed with intricate embroidery a mix of lovely colourful vintage and new fabrics and lot’s of sweet personality. Also a talented illustrator, Rachel has illustrated and designed some beautiful fabrics of her own, she is one busy lady, with two little ones she still manages to make and sell her works at markets such as Moriac Makers and Growers  +  Bay and Beyond Market as well as online in her Etsy store, Ballyhoo in Geelong and in the studio, of course.

As well as falling completely in love with Jen and Rachel’s collections, Oh! Hello Geelong has developed a slight obsession about the girls’ Fyansford studio. The building is heritage listed and started life in 1876 as a paper mill (the studio itself being the boiler room), later becoming an ice factory and then an explosives factory during the war (pretty awesome!).

What makes this building extra special is that it still has many of its original features including stunning beams and old machinery and the girls have done a great job preserving the historical feel of space through simple and tasteful styling. Oh! Hello Geelong loved Jen’s custom made tables, bentwood chairs, fruit boxes used for displays and her stunning quilts and vintage flags hanging on display giving a warm and cosy log cabin feel. In many ways, a visit to the studio is like taking a step back in time; it’s like our own G-town time machine! For more information about the historical significance of the space check out Jen’s blog.

A bright future…

Oh! Hello Geelong feels very privileged to be one of the first visitors to this little piece of textile heaven. Jen and Rachel have all the ingredients to make this Fyansford studio a destination that locals and non-locals alike will travel far and wide to visit. We are just so glad to see such a special old building placed in the hands of two inspiring and very special ladies! The future looks bright for this old paper mill!

Thank you Jen and Rachel for sharing your time with us x

PS: if you ever get to the studio (which you absolutely must), ask Jen and Rachel about Button Hill (such a cute story!) And if you’re lucky you might even get to sneak a peak at the precious vintage photo albums they discovered on site! They are full to the brim with amazing old photos of Geelong folk and images of how this ole’ town once looked.

Love Laura + Penny

FRITH – Barwon Heads

Who: Frith

Where: 58 Hitchcock Avenue Barwon Heads

Ph: 5254 1811

You know those times where you have a friend’s house warming in two hours time and you need a little present to take with you; eek so much pressure! Or what about those times where all you need is THE perfect accessory to finish off an outfit for a party later on? We’ve all been there! It’s so nice to have some stores nearby where you know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for; no hassle, no fuss. Frith, in beautiful Barwon Heads, is the type of shop we’re talking about. With a lovely range of homewares and stylish clothes and accessories, it’s pretty impossible not to find that perfect something you need .

Sisters are doing it for themselves…

Frith is owned and operated by Anna and Tess Fitzpatrick, two super cute sisters with oodles of style . The girls took over the store around 3 ½ years ago, taking over from the previous owners who had run it for 6 years. Whilst the name hasn’t change (Frith means river mouth in Gaelic, loving the Irish connection) the girls have definitely made it their own. With Anna’s passion for painting and the arts and Tess’ styling and design prowess (and a little help from their architect sister), the girls have created a suitably relaxed and laid back feel for a seaside village store. As well, the girls decided to broaden the store’s range by introducing clothing and new accessories to the well established homewares collection.

So many loves…

The girls’ range is modern and chic, with many well known brands popping up! As always, Oh! Hello Geelong love a huge collection of Elk accessories, clothing and shoes. Other loves include; the bright range of Missoni homewares, Nancybird handbags, mud homewares, Love Mae wall stickers, the amazing range of oh so colourful James Jeans and Jam shoes (new addition to the Oh! Hello Geelong wish list). We also love the impressive range of Glasshouse Candles, which smell so delicious (and they make your house smell lovely for ages too!). As well as sharing all our loves, Anna and Tess are big fans of Melbourne clothing brand Cable, Nicole Fendel jewellery, Misuzi jewellery, Pratten’s eel skin wallets and Ester and Eric’s bright and cheerful range of candles all the way from Denmark.

Broadening horizons…

Whilst providing a beautiful range of products for their customers is really important to the girls, both have a secret passion for home renovations and interior design, which led them to establish an interior design service earlier this year. The girls are able not only to give great advice, direction and ideas on interior styling, but they can source beautiful furniture and other pieces to create a truly special space in your own home.

One big happy family…

Even though Frith is a small run family business, the girls feel like the Barwon Heads community is one big extended family and both spoke fondly of the supportive relationships they share with all the shop owners and locals from the area. Oh! Hello Geelong could really see that the girls love what they do and they love being where they are .

Thanks Anna and Tess for being so welcoming!

Love Penny + Laura