Mini Post: The Evening Cast

Oh! Hello Geelong has a little bit of exciting music news to share with all our friends! Last Thursday night one half Oh! Hello Geelong + friends decided to head out to Beav’s Bar (what a cool little place btw, we must return again soon!!!) for a bit of live music and lots of wine. The highlight of the night however was clapping and toe tapping away to the buzzing tunes of local band The Evening Cast and catching up with the lead singer and keyboard superman himself, Joel Cooper!!!! The band was seriously fabulous and a totally perfect band to follow on from guitar genius Daniel Champagne.

Sadly, this particular half of Oh! Hello Geelong forgot her camera so no photos from the night can be shared. But all is not lost as The Evening Cast has very very recently released their strong new single Factory which comes complete with an equally strong and totally swish video clip which we have attached for your viewing pleasure! We absolutely recommend you check it out, it’s pretty amazing stuff.

Oh, and just in case you need a little reminder, The Evening Cast’s Joel and Rachel Cooper are the amazing couple behind frank & dolly’s! Oh! Hello Geelong continues to be inspired by this truly special G-Town duo – so amazing!

PS: Check out The Evening Cast on Facebook and don’t forget to ‘like’ them if you love them!!!

Love Penny + Laura

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