Handmade heaven at Artefact Market

When: we visited on a balmy Friday evening (16th March 2012)

Where: All Saints’ Hall, 113 Noble Street, Newtown

A church hall full of handmade things…our idea of heaven!

Oh! Hello Geelong is still coming down from the high of its most recent blogging adventure…a trip to the Artefact Market! With one super exhausted post bad day in the office lady (Penny) and one very tired Mama and bubba (Laura & Alexander), attempting a Friday evening expedition could have been a recipe for Oh! Hello Geelong disaster! However crisis was averted after a delish glass of bubbly, super welcoming and friendly chats and the making of an amazing list of discoveries.


Celebrating local handmade goodness…

The Artefact Market (originally called The Artists’ Market) was established around four years ago by a sister duo who wanted to show off (and rightly so) and sell handmade wonders created by Geelong’s local artists and designers. The market was a fast success and a strong local following developed. The job of running the market was taken over 12 months ago by Delia Boatwood, Melissa Laffy and Di Mead, who together with a small committee host this beautiful market three times a year at the All Saints’ Hall (such a pretty space).

The market itself is the coming together of like-minded people who have a passion for making and creating by hand. The market showcases such a lovely selection of super creative design, craft and handiwork  Most of the artists and designers at the market have regular day jobs and put their creative hats on in their spare time (so inspiring), which adds to the relaxed and joyful feel of the market.


So much to LOVE…

We discovered many things on Friday night. Including that trying to juggle a pram, champagne glasses, a camera and an active little man makes photographing and note taking a little tricky. But despite the obstacles we found some really fab stalls that stood out for us! The 3 lovely market organisers are among those stall holders with fabulous wares. There was IMI Design (stands for I Made It – cute ha?!) by Delia Boatwood and her husband Rick have a unique range of metal art work, including barbed wire balls, as well as bright cotton scarves, cards and wheat bags. We also loved Reddy Inc created by the bright and colourful Melissa Laffy, her range included beautiful woolen up-cycled garments & accessories as well as her New York inspired photography woodblock canvasses (Oh, New York – one day we’ll meet you!) . We are also big big fans of Di Mead’s range of gorgeous illustrative framed screen prints, cards, buntings and textiles. Other creatives include the selection of chunky and bright resin jewellery by Olive Brown Designs (LOVING the colours), Little Golden Treasures and their nostalgic collection of childrens blocks and accessories made out of vintage Golden Story books, Bunny & Birdy’s vintage lady brooches and dolls, the elegant ceramic jewellery by Sylvia Segon and Midas & Nero’s lamps and cushions using our favourite Ink & Spindle prints.  And for it’s pure cute as a crumpet and kook factor, we really loved Wombat’s Picnic felted food range; weetbix and bananas never looked so sweet!

As for food of the edible kind, the market had a selection of the most delicious looking sweet delights fromSteampocket Pizzeria & Cafe  next visit we will bring empty stomachs!

Oh! And flowers! they even had a flower stall by Roberstons Farmgate, a delicious smelling stall right by the entrance. Perfect.

Catching the handmade love bug…

It’s been happening for a while now, but this market again proves that gone are the days when handmade items are associated only with old nannas with a blue rinse and a pair of knitting needles. Handmade has grown into a passion shared by women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes. And whilst the end product is unique and special, it is the passion of making that provides the common thread!!!

We were hugely overwhelmed by the warm welcome we received from the three organisers Mel, Delia and Di and Amanda Jane Hill (our lovely friend from Eclectica who was also there selling her own range of handmade jewellery), who made us feel right at home and gave us the low down and the much needed booze! Thanks girls we had so much fun!

Love Penny + Laura

PS: the next Artefact market dates for 2012 are Friday 31st August (a lovely way to welcome Spring) and Friday 30th November (Christmas gift buying time we think!)

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  1. oo this looks so cool! I’m sad I missed out.

    Thanks for starting this blog! Similarly I’m a newbie to the Geelong/Bellarine area and love exploring for interesting new places and you’re just what’s been missing 🙂

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