We went treasure huntin’ at Eclectica !


Where: 148 Pakington Street, Geelong West

When: * to be confirmed

Phone: 5222 1115

Web: facebook

Did you know that G-Town has its very own treasure chest?? Yep that’s right, Geelong has a special chest of treasures that is exploding with lovely gems and trinkets and super gorgeous gifts. Oh! Hello Geelong absolutely loves things that are fun, pretty and also a little kooky, so when we first found Eclectica and excitedly rummaged through all of the fabulous products, we felt like two treasure hunters who had just stumbled across gold!

The birth of Eclectica (pronounced ec·lec·tic·a)…

The shop of amazing treasures, that is Eclectica, is owned by the sassy pocket rocket Amanda Jane Hille, who is a woman who really knows the meaning of living life to the full. Amanda Jane is a Geelong girl who grew up spending loads of time inside her mother’s gift store, where she worked after school and on weekends. During her teens, Amanda Jane tried her hand at jewellery-making after finding a pair of her Dad’s pliers and playing around with some old beads from an op-shop; a talent was discovered! What started out as a little hobby became her first business venture and for 8 years Amanda Jane sold her handmade jewellery from her shop in town.

After many years of creating and selling amazing pieces, Amanda Jane decided to put away her pliers and beads and set off on a soul searching journey to India where she worked in an orphanage for several months. For Amanda Jane this was a beautiful experience and one that shaped her new approach to life. After India, Amanda Jane spent four years in Queensland where she worked in an art gallery and travelled around in her campervan of love. Fun!

Falling in love with Geelong again…

After several years away, Amanda Jane’s family and a good friend wanted their favourite girl back and convinced her that they found a store on Pakington Street that had her name written all over it! With that, Amanda Jane made the journey home and started working on the store. Despite her initial apprehension about coming back, she discovered that there was lots to love about her home town and admits she now wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

So, those treasures we were talking about…

Eclectica is an expression of Amanda Jane and is in many ways a microcosm of Amanda Jane’s own “eclectic” home. Amanda Jane’s current shop loves are her collection of cotton scarves and her framed butterflies (Amanda Jane has quite a thing for bugs). She also stocks a generous selection of beautiful Nancybird handbags, the super comfy Angads Quilts, Pocket Art Handkerchiefs, Lambada wallets and handbags, Robert Gordon pottery, Oshi cushions and bottle openers, her range of Richard Stampato printed shirts and scarves and her Casauno ceramic pottery. Not to mention, beautiful hanging lanterns, the prettiest ever tea sets, kooky little woodland ornaments and some fabulous metal wallart. We also thought her new range of Kindle Candles were pretty spesh – they’re low burning so you can use the wax for massages and moisturizing…wow! Oh, and the Lumbi pencil cases and cushion covers, which come with a Geelong twist, are super cute gift ideas.

The store also has a diverse collection of jewellery, including Afri Bead (which supports an African village) and some of Amanda Jane’s own pieces which are a made using brass, tiny crochet doily shapes and unique bits and bobs from Amanda Jane’s collection. And if it’s a present for a little one your after, Eclectica has lots of oh so cute things for them too!

Amanda Jane describes herself as a tactile person who loves things that feel good. She is also a sensory lady who is stimulated by colours and smells, which you can see coming through in her collection. Amanda Jane aims to be competitive, so her customers are able to go away with beautiful things for a nice price.

Treasures to share…

Eclectica is a genuinely feel good experience and if you have the pleasure of meeting Amanda Jane while you’re there, even better! Eclectica is the place to go if you want something a little unique for you or your home or if you’re after a gift with Wow-factor.

Eclectica’s treasures are for us all to share – thanks Amanda Jane for sharing so much of yourself and of course your fab little treasure chest with Oh! Hello Geelong.

Penny + Laura

Calling all friends of Oh! Hello Geelong.

We are on a brand new mission and we need your help. Besides our love for cute and quirky objects and crafts, independent stores and scrumptious food, our other shared passion is interior design / decoration. We find pouring over pages of home design magazines and reading interior design blogs an absolute delight and always feel inspired by the amazing houses we’ve read about and been able to have a sneaky peek through. But what gives us that extra tingly feeling is actually walking through a fabulous home, a house that stands out from the rest, one that has been decorated with the perfect mixture of style, creativity and imagination. Heaven!
So this is where you come in! We’d love to know about Geelong’s (and surrounds) fabulous homes and would love even more to include them in the blog!
So have a little think, do you know a friend with a fabulous house that could rival this or this house,  Has your neighbour created a home that has that special something, like this home or this home? Have you got a gorgeous home that you love just as much as we’d love to live somewhere like this or this?
If you answered yes to any of the above let us know, we’d love to visit and show off some fabulous local homes and get the world excited about the way we live here in this mini city called Geelong!
You can contact us by email (ohhellogeelong@yahoo.com) with your responses but don’t forget to tell us why you think your home is special! And PHOTO’S we absolutely need to see a few sneaky photos too 🙂
Love Penny + Laura

The Flower Dispensary – Love at first sight!

The Flower Dispensary 

Where: 333 Pakington St Newtown 3220

When: Mon – Fri 9:30 – 5 & Sat 10 – 1

Ph: 5223 1459

Web: www.theflowerdispensary.com.au

We have a little secret that we need to share! Oh! Hello Geelong has fallen head over heals for The Flower Dispensary, which seems quite fitting given our recent visit there took place during the same week we celebrated St Valentine’s day! What started out as a crush several months ago has blossomed into a shop love affair and it makes us very excited indeed to be able to share the love. What we love about this gorgeous Pakington Street store is that it is more than simply a florist and gift store; it is a sanctuary, a place dripping with elegance from head to toe.

In the beginning…

They say that patience is a virtue and in the case of the lovely Lyndal Gubbles, she has this in spades! The Flower Dispensary started as a small business idea over 10 years ago when Lyndal, originally from Melbourne, decided she was ready to go it alone in the floristry industry. With her vision, natural creativity and intuition as well as her wealth of experience in floristry, millinery, cosmetics and skin care, Lyndal started the long search for the perfect space to start her business. With a combination of luck and fabulous timing, Lyndal managed to find the space she was looking for and began working with the landlord and her very handy pharmacist husband Ross, to bring her vision to life. After many long hard months of preparation, The Flower Dispensary opened its doors to Geelong.

Natural beauty…

Since it opened on the first day of spring last year, The Flower Dispensary has offered a magnificent selection of blooms which are stunningly displayed in the centre of the store. Lyndal’s collection of flowers range from the simple rose and tulip to the more contemporary, unique and unusual varieties and come in a diverse palette of colours and shades. Lyndal’s current flower loves are hydrangeas, calla lilies and celosias (which are so nice and velvety to touch), however because her selection changes with the seasons, so do her favourites! Lyndal and her team individually and lovingly wrap your flowers with beautiful paper and ribbon and leave you with a heavenly gift for a friend (or even just for you!). Oh, and if you’re in need of flowers for that very special day, Lyndal can design the perfect bouquet for you to take down the isle!

And a little something special…

As well as her divine flowers, Lyndal stocks a quality range of designer gifts and stationary and things to make ourselves as well as our houses look extra pretty. Oh! Hello Geelong loves the gorgeous greeting card selection, the HUGE offering of and TMOD design and O’check stationery, Skulk of Foxes wall clocks, Angus & Celeste vases, iKOU hanging pots, Bride & Wolfe hanging shelves. As well as a lovely accessory collection including fab new brooches by Erst Wilder (laura bought the cutest fox face ever!), run around the garden & we wood. We also love Lyndal’s selection of Bison pottery (and not just because it comes from Canberra!)

And if it’s a little extra indulgence you’re after, Lyndal has shelves full of posh pamper products! Lyndal’s range includes luscious body lotions from Tokyo Milk, Mathias,  L’Occitane, Myrtle & Moss, Lolia and Nesti Dente as well as a wide range of candles and oils from brands including Skeem Design and iKOU. We absolutely loved the iKOU candle holder at the counter which filled the whole store with the perfume of green tea and cherry blossom! Yummy.

Loving her local…

Even though Lyndal is a Melbourne lass who will always have a soft spot for her home city, Lyndal strongly values the importance of supporting the local community and has built strong relationships with designers and fellow business owners around Geelong.  Good on you Lyndal!

Loving the Flower Dispensary…


Whilst The Flower Dispensary’s flowers and gift range are truly special, you would be forgiven for thinking you were in the middle of a Vogue Living photo shoot when you walk through the doors! It really is the little (and not so little) design and creative touches that make this store shine so brightly (and what makes us love it so much). From the flooring, to the stunning displays, to the Fab furniture, light fittings and cabinets from places such as the oh so amazing  Ducks Nest  &  Mill Markets and of course the flower display, we can’t forget get the FLOWER display! Ahhh, everything has been thoughtfully and tastefully given the Lyndal touch. You’ll certainly know where to find Oh! Hello Geelong when we need a luxury interiors fix and a little indulgence!


Thanks so much for having us Lyndal!

From Penny + Laura


Ballyhoo Art – Our latest Shop Love

Ballyhoo Art

Where: 90 Ryrie Street, Geelong

When: Mon – Fri 9.30-5.30 & Sat 9.30-5

Ph: 5222 4532

Facebook: Ballyhoo Art

Ballyhoo Art, what a gorgeous name for a gorgeous store! On a rainy, gloomy Saturday afternoon, Oh! Hello Geelong popped by another favourite spot for a very lovely chat, a lot of lovely photos and a little bit of a shop. Despite the miserable day outside, this amazing store on Ryrie Street brought a lot of sunshine to our day.

 A little bit of history…

The lovely and very driven Sandra Morden, who has a passion and eye for beautiful and affordable art and designer made products, opened the doors of Ballyhoo Art around two-and-a-half years ago. And thank goodness she did! This shop is a visual wonderland!

With years of experience in retail and the fashion industry under her belt as well as a flair for trend forecasting, Sandra decided to fly solo and spent many long months planning and researching in preparation for opening her own store. Following a long search for the perfect space to showcase her treasures, she stumbled across a derelict lot that had seen better days and was in need of lots of TLC; it was love at first sight! After clearing out the rubbish, the squatters and repairing the fire damage, the store was ready for the show to begin.

    *a kiddie colouring table too ! 
It’s what’s on the inside that counts…

Since it’s opening, Ballyhoo has evolved into a store offering a mixture of artwork by local, national and international artists and beautifully unique products, again from a wide variety of talented designers, makers and crafters. The common thread is that each piece has been thoughtfully selected by Sandra and is affordably priced. Not only has Sandra mastered the art of sourcing fabulous art and products, but her talent for creating the perfect display is just as amazing.

It would be impossible for us to tell you exactly what you will find when you visit Ballyhoo as Sandra is committed to constant change and thrives on bringing in new pieces on a regular basis. Just like us, she gets easily bored looking at the same things day in and day out. The great thing about this is that each time you visit the shop you know you’ll find something new to love and long for!

Sandra’s favourite treasures in store right now include her range of Wise’ish block art, a brightly coloured dotty felt ottoman by Down to the Woods (find it in the shop window), her selection of elegant Patturn lamps by local designer Rachel Burke and the bold Mexican wall sculpture of which there are only two in the country.

As for our personal favourites, we love Third Drawer Down tea towels, Down to the Woods little lamb garlands, ottoman and cutesy animal / cupie lamps, Patturn lamps, wooden laser cut mobiles, Whiskers Lane tea cosies,  Angus & Celeste ceramic jewellery and of course the sweet selection of woodland creatures and owls. Sandra also stocks a beautiful range of art prints, greeting cards and wrapping paper, many of which pieces of art themselves. You can also find Frankie magazine and its publications all year round.

In sum…

Sandra trusted her knowledge and has brought something truly unique to Geelong. Such fabulous taste!

Ballyhoo makes beautiful art and design accessible to all. And it makes us very happy indeed!

Love Penny + Laura